Right Place, Right Time

Sometimes one wonders if there is a bit of divine intervention going on.  And so goes the story of now 13 year old Pepper in Puerto Rico.  According to his dad Ralph:

"Pepper was a 2 week old puppy and his old owners were bad people I would not associate with. They would inject their bull terriers with steroids so that they would get beefed up for fighting. Not just gambling, but they enjoy watching other defenseless dogs get torn apart as well.
I just so happened to be at right place at the right time. The owner kicked the 2 week old Pepper and I yelled HEY! Pepper must have thought I was calling him because he ran to me. I picked him up and the owner said "keep that garbage".  I said the only garbage I see is you. He was trying to explain that Pepper is not a pure bred but I didn't care what he said.  I actually wanted to rip his face off.  But to not injure Pepper further by fighting, I took him home. The first thing he did was bark at some kids making noise in front. Thats when I knew he already owned the house. Everybody knows Pepper and loves him in the neighborhood too"

Pepper is a very special boy.  He is very lucky to have found such a loving home. No doubt that his Dad Ralph feels blessed to have him in his life.